100mg Nicotine Salts 1000ml

100mg/ml Nicotine Salts solution strength (10% Nicotine by volume) diluted in a USP grade carrier base vegetable-derived Glycerin.

Always Prepared Fresh To Order.
Because our nicotine solutions are made to order, please allow a minimum of 2-3 business days to properly process, record, and bottle your nicotine solution through our laboratory.

Wizard Labs Nicotine Salts solutions are shipped in chemically resistant plastic containers for shipping safety, and heat sealed in containment bags to prevent leakage during shipment. For long term storage over 2 months, we recommend transferring your nicotine solution into glass containers with airtight lids, and as little airspace in the top of the container as possible. If stored properly, in a freezer at 32 to 36°F, a nicotine solution can remain viable and usable in excess of 2 years. DO NOT Store Nicotine Salts Solutions below 32°F !.

All of Wizard Labs concentrated Nicotine solutions are intended for use by trained and qualified personnel only.

The 100mg Nicotine solution strength is NOT considered safe for direct application without further dilution.
Proper safety should be exercised when handling concentrated Nicotine solutions.

Please refer to the Safety and Handling documentation for safe handling procedures and personal protection requirements before ordering.

Notes on oxidation: Nicotine oxidizes rapidly with exposure to oxygen, light, heat, and moisture. As Nicotine oxidizes the color of the solution will turn yellow to amber brown in color. Higher strength Nicotine solutions will oxidize more rapidly than lower strength Nicotine solutions. This does not significantly diminish the strength, potency, or safe handling requirements of the solution. All of Wizard Lab's Nicotine solutions are purged with Argon gas at the time of bottling to eliminate excess oxygen, and help prevent oxidation during shipment.

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100mg Nicotine Salts 1000ml

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