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Wonder Flavors:

Many Wonder Flavors are great by themselves, usage somewhere around 2-5%. Many of these are very strong and are what we usually consider “super concentrates”, compared to Flavor West, Capella, TFA etc. This ends up making them cheaper as you usually use less than other brands.

I’m going to focus on more recent flavors released by Wonder Flavors and give you a description and a starting percentage of what I would use these flavors at. Then we’ll put together some recipes based ONLY on these newer flavors. So without further adieu, here we go! Puff Cereal (Frosted): 3% standalone up to 4%. In a mix, I’d use it around 1%-2%. Smells and tastes like Sugar Smacks. Would be a great cereal addition with drier cereals to sweeten them up and give them a more moist and sweet effect. Not heavily grainy. If used too high, the sweet can turn to a caramel maple thing. Great if you’re looking for that. Crème Brulee Cookie: 2.5%-3% standalone. .5% to 2% in a mix UNLESS you’re using it as a main flavor. Then build around it. Very creamy, delicious, sweet. The cookie is light and easily layered with whatever you want to add to it. Brown Sugar Cookie: 2%-2.5% Standalone, that might still be a bit high for the flavor RDA’s. This one is bold and strong and tasty, too high and it may go to an oatmeal raisin like texture. It has a GREAT body and could possibly be used with other cookies to help layer them into a REALLY great cookie. Strawberry (Baked): I’m not really sure I’d do this as a standalone, but I could see going around 1.5% in a mix, something like a pie, a tart, add to a cookie. It’s dark, it’s syrupy. Too strong equals chems so keep it low. Apple Cinnamon Strudel: 3%-5% Standalone, much lower in a mix 1-2%, even lower than that if you’re using it for the cinnamon note. The cinnamon is similar to a candy cinnamon and if not careful can overtake your recipe. I’d definitely throw some other apple in here for a nice extra kick. Boysenberry Raspberry: Could be vaped standalone with a bit of sweet or a cream or marshmallow, right around 2%. .5%-1.5% in a mix. I could easily see this going into a berry mix or even a pastry of some kind. Great raspberry flavor. I’ve never had a boysenberry, but being a big berry fan, I have to say, I like this too. Mille Feuilles: Another easy standalone. 2.5% (+/- .5% depending on your device) 1.5%-2% in a mix. This stuff is fantastic. Not unlike a napoleon, it’s a very layered French buttery flaky vanilla pastry. Uniquely heaven, it could be really good in something you need a flaky crust inserted into. Strawberry Gummy Candy: this one is really good by itself right around 1.5-2%. I know that sounds low but I get a chemical flavor above that, i.e. too strong. So I simply mix this around 1.75% with a 20% pg mix and it’s great in just a few days.

These next flavors, I don’t necessarily use by themselves but I’m going to mix them with some of the flavors above. So here are some very simple and very basic Wonder Flavors recipes. I’m a big fan of the old adage K.I.S.S., and with Wonder Flavors, I find it best to keep it simple. The Wonder Flavors Cream Puff is a nice creamy rich, VERY lightly layered puff pastry. I want to use it with the Mille Feuilles.


Mille Feuilles: 1.5%

Cream Puff: .75%

Age this a week or two in a 20PG/80VG mix. By adding the puff, you are enriching the napoleon like texture of the Mille Feuilles not only creamy but the pastry too.

For a fun twist add .5% of the Berry Cobbler

If you want the Cream by itself I’m going to shoot for the Wonder Flavors Cream Filling. I’m sure there are minor differences but it’s basically the cream without the pastry.

This would be fantastic with the Apple Cinnamon Strudel.

Apple Cinnamon Strudel 2.5%

Cream Filling .7%

The Wonder Flavors Almond Custard is a personal Favorite. I could vape it quite a bit. It’s sweet, creamy, almond deliciousness. I personally love adding it to the new Brown Sugar Cookie.


Brown Sugar Cookie: 1.75%

Almond Custard 1%

You could get really creative with this mix and add a bunch of things. Or leave it like it is.

Wonder Flavors Gooey Marshmallow is something that quite a few of us have been looking for, for a long time. It’s like a toasted marshmallow without an overly burnt taste. So it’s that roasted gooeyness that a marshmallow can add. I enjoy adding it to the Boysenberry Raspberry to calm it down some and give it a nice sweet, slightly different/earthy taste.


Boysenberry Raspberry: 2%

Gooey Marshmallow: .75%

Wonder Flavors Mascarpone Cream Cheese is a great mixer. I WOULD NEVER use this by itself. EVER. BUT when used at .5% or less, it can produce some really great thick effects in almost any cream. If you dare use it above .5%, expect super cheese. Mascarpone cream cheese is an Italian cream cheese, but it’s made from whole milk, so it’s VERY rich. I’m using it here, just to help thicken up the crème brulee.


Crème Brulee Cookie: 2.5%

Mascarpone Cream Cheese: .3%


This is just some starting ideas of some of the new Wonder Flavors. Go up or down accordingly based on your hardware and tastes. Remember these are Super Concentrated and it’s best to start out light and work your way into full flavor versus putting it in so strong off the bat, that it ends up being horrible. Happy Mixing with Wonder Flavors! Boogenshizzle