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I do hope that everyone had a great holiday. What a wonderful and colorful time of year to be with friends and family. The tree, the lights, the bells, and the snow, all just feel magical to me. While I live in Florida now, I reminisce of a childhood lived long ago in a northern paradise. So I dream, I but dream…

May your New Year be filled with much determination and many successes!

I look at so many recipes on a daily basis. Hundreds and hundreds cross my plate filled with all kinds of candies, cookies, cakes, creams, pies, and pretty much anything else you can think of. There is usually one of two things going with almost every recipe I see. They either over complicate, or keep it simple. Now I know that covers almost every recipe in the book, and that’s kind of why I chose this topic.

I see recipes all the time with 15-20 different flavors in it with percentages all over the spectrum with no real rhyme or reason, other than it sounded delicious. But is there really any reason you need 2 cookies, a pie crust AND a NY cheesecake in the same recipe? So many times we go to mix a recipe blind. We have no idea what we really want the end result to be and that’s why it ends up with that many; OR we don’t really understand (KNOW) the flavors we are using. Either way, it becomes overkill and a waste of your flavorings.

Remember last time we talked about layering? Yeah that’s all you really are doing when you take similar flavors and combine them in the PROPER percentages. I say proper, because if one overpowers the other, then you’ve wasted flavor again. But let’s analyze that crust. KNOW what you want, and KNOW your flavors. Do you want your crust to be flaky? Graham cracker? Cookie like? Chewy? Crisp? There are so many options to choose from. Try to imagine what you want FIRST and then understand your flavors enough to make it. If you’re making a Cannoli and you’re looking for that slight greasy /crisp flavor, you can’t expect to get it from a graham cracker. So do some homework. KNOW YOUR FLAVORS. Don’t overcomplicate.

I’m going to use a nice Peaches and Cream that I like as a good simplistic example. The beauty is, you can switch the peach out for any other fruits, layer them up and put them in. Monday I was sitting at my desk and I was craving something different. So I reached up and grabbed the first fruit that caught my eye. Lucky me it was Capella Juicy Peach! Now I know that many new people get this flavor because it just automatically sounds good, but I never really like it as a single fruit. I always feel it needs something. Many times, some blueberry, some raspberry or maybe some strawberry, will work great.

This time, I wanted something that was similar. You could go nectarine, which could make it a bit fuzzier, or a different peach, but I decided on TFA Apricot. I chose this specifically because it was not only delicious, but it provides a great texture (mouth feel) as well as provide the peach with a nice sweet touch.

That’s it for the peach. That’s really all you need.

From there, we add 2 basic creams. Nothing too fancy, nothing too light. You definitely want something that will accent your “peaches”.  So I chose Flavor Art Bavarese (Bavarian Cream). It’s rich, creamy, dark, but not too dark. It is a well rounded cream.  Obviously, we are at the same crossroads again. You could go in any direction you wanted with all kinds of creams to accent this, but we are going to keep it simple. I’m going to add Flavorah Cream for it’s wonderful rich creamy, almost cheeselike goodness without the funk. It’s a great addition to this recipe and will also provide some body to the whole recipe.

I like a little sweetener in many of my recipes. Ever since I got the Sugar Daddy Sweetener, I’ve pretty much used it like hot sauce. I put that stuff in everything.

Here are my notes on it:

Sugar Daddy Regular Sweetener.
.08%-1% used. Tested on multiple devices from a Pico V1 RTA to Hadeon to Drifter and a few in between.

The trick to sweetener is letting it blend in to your liquid. Starting out light and letting it attach itself to the molecules of your liquid over time vs putting it in so strong you taste it right away, but it mutes your flavors over time.

Finger test: Don't do this....IT"S REALLY SWEET. but had no aftertaste. I didn't find it funky. JUST SWEET!

.08%___this is one drop per 30 mls and after a week it was mild but noticeable on the back end.
.2%___this was one drop (.02ml) in a 10 ml and it sweetened it up nicely. This is where I preferred it. It did not change the flavor of my vape at all other than simply make it sweet. It was super great here for fruits and berries. Let it age... You'll see.
.5%___After a week, the sweetener was HIGHLY noticeable and tasty. It worked really well here in bakeries and deeper notes that needed some real sweetness.
1%___is pretty high, believe it or not for any sweetener. I use 1 drop per 10 mls of Capella Super Sweet and with time it’s too much. So I'm really not sure what I was expecting here. This stuff is pretty sweet at this point and I feel it's unnecessary to even use it this high ESPECIALLY if you are going to let it age.

All sweeteners will overtake your recipe if you use them too high. I haven't found one yet that doesn’t.

But if you use the sweetener correctly, it can create some delicious results without being cloyingly sweet or overtaking the delicate balance of your recipe.


That’s it. I kept it simple. Two fruits, two creams and a touch of sweetener are all I needed. We have one main fruit and one to accent it. We have one main cream, and one to accent it. Remember, you can switch the fruit out here for almost anything and it’ll be pretty good IF you use your fruits correctly. When in doubt, know your flavors and keep it simple. So based on this, we have:



A Peaches and Cream Delight:

TFA Apricot: 2.4%

FA Bavarese: 2.2%

Flavorah Cream: .7%

Capella Juicy Peach: 2.8%

Sugar Daddy (Regular): .5%


A Berry Delight:


Flavor Art Forest Fruit: 2.5%

Inawera Black Currant: 1%

Flavor Art Bavarese: 2.2%

Flavorah Cream: .7%

Sugar Daddy (Regular): .5%


A Banana Delight:


Wonder Flavors SC Banana Candy: 3%

I’m actually not going to layer this as I like it simply as it is.

Flavor Art Bavarese: 2.2%

Flavorah Cream: .7%

Sugar Daddy (Regular): .5%


Keep it simple. Know and understand your flavors!