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Think of your recipe like real life. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. If you put say 5% Juicy Peach and 5% Raspberry in a mix, it very well may be like fight club up in here. (Was I supposed to talk about that?) You put in two huge main players and they very well may be battling it out. The same thing applies if you want 4-5% Cap Sugar Cookie and then you put 3% FA Biscotto in something, oh and for fun let’s add 2% Inawera Biscuit. It’s a battle royale!


I love old movies. Movies that make you want to move your soul. Some movies grab you and bring you in. I love watching the gracefulness of Fred and Ginger, of Gene Kelly, Danny Kay, Debbie Reynolds, and so many other artists that bring their huge talents to the big screen. The glide across the floor from hours and hours and hours of rehearsing the same patterns over and over is majestic. It is graceful, Fred and Ginger dance in a unison like no other. He leads, she pretends to follow. It is beautiful  and it speaks to my soul to watch them.

This is how you want your recipes. They should enter and be like a graceful dance. You need one to lead, and one or two to follow. Your lead will always be your strongest, or the flavor you are trying to build upon. Your follow will be an accent. You need  something to follow to make the lead look good. If you need yet another accent, go really light and make it ride the dress tails of your follower almost like a shadow.


Cap Sugar Cookie (lead) 3.5%

Inawera Biscuit (follow) 0.8% Note that this is only about half of the full strength of the biscuit. It’s there to accent or to gracefully add to the Sugar cookie, NOT go into a battle royale with it.

 Cap Golden Butter (accent) 0.4% (this stuff needs to steep a good while or you pepper tasters will taste it funky)


 But I want more than just a cookie. So let’s dance with our creams.

 FA Vienna Cream 0.7% (lead cream)

 FA Marshmallow  0.4% (accent cream) helps tie it all together, and gives it much needed velvet.


 Then you can pretty much top it with whatever you want.

 This time we are going with some Caramel.


I’m going to go with FA Caramel at 1% because it’s not too strong and overpowering and will really blend with the creams listed and help smooth it all out.

Age it a month.

So next time you think about what you are going to mix, think about what it should taste like. Lead, follow and accent.

Enjoy the dance!