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Here’s a little something that I thought I would share with you, while we are on the subject of creams and milks. It’s no surprise to anyone that has mixed my recipes that I LOVE creams. I can feel texture (mouthfeel). I can taste the richness of cheesecakes, ice creams, bavarian etc. It has sort of become an obsession of mine to try every cream I can get my hand on and find a place for it.

I noticed that Flavour Art had brand new versions of some creams that I SO love. Now I’m already a huge FlavourArt fan. I have the entire North American collection and enjoy it thoroughly. They never seem to disappoint in realism, freshness, and flavor. I’ve been enchanted with them for years and have enjoyed every flavor I’ve tried from them in some way. SO, when I heard about these new flavors, I knew I had to move quickly. I was not disappointed once again. These 2 flavors are an amazing combination. The bavarian is less “burnt” for the lack of better words. It is also much creamier than the counterparts from other brands. The Ice cream is light, creamy, delicious, like a great gelato without all that heavy bean action.

So far I’ve made quite a few different recipes while using these as the cream involved. I noticed that it is amazing for sliding just about any fruit in there. So here are a few recipes to get you started.

First I start with the Creams:

FA Vanilla Gelato: 2.4%

FA Bavarese: 1.5%

This is the general cream base I’ll be using for these recipes. That’s it. Lead with one, follow with the other.

So for the first recipe we are going apple. 

FA Stark Apple 3%

FA Fuji Apple 1%

FA Cantaloupe 1.5% (adds a nice rounded flavor to the apple without being overpowering)

FA Bavarese 1.5%

FA Vanilla Gelato: 2.4%


That’s it. That’s simply heavenly right there.


This next one is going to be a blueberry base:

FW Blueberry 4%

INA Black Currant 1%

FA Vanilla Gelato 2.4%

FA Bavarese 1.5%


I’m sure there are a hundred or two different fruits you could add to the cream base. So when in doubt, start with what you know and build on it from there.