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Last month we covered a few of the new Wonder Flavors. This month, I’m going to keep going on these as there are so many hidden gems in there that tend to get over-looked. So we are going totalk about some of those and make some recipes for them.


Bubba Gum (1.5%-2.5%)  is first on this list. You know those pink pieces that come individually wrapped? Dubble Bubble? Yeah it smells and tastes JUST like those pink gums. No fanfare, no drama, just straight up pink bubble gum. Personally, I was a huge fan of this stuff and could easily vape it a LOT.

Marshmallow (Candy) (.15%-.75%) A great mixer for custards, creams, vanillas, fruits. Helps tie everything together but with a candy cigarette style flavor/cereal marshmallow. Definitely more of an additive than a single flavor vape.

Blueberry Jam (.75%-2.5%) 2.5% can be a bit high for this one but it’s really good right around there with some added creams and pastry. Really great addition to any pie or fruit tart that you might want that dark berry rich taste added.

Rum and Cola (1%-2.5%) This is about the most authentic rum and coke I could find. It’s delicious and tastes just like Good Ole Cap’n and Coke. This one I vape all by itself in around a 20%pg/80%vg mix.

Strawberry Gummy Candy (.5%-2.25%) I had tried this originally at 2.75% standalone and it was too much. I then brought it down to 2.25% as a standalone and still feel you could get by with around 2% on it. It’s really great by itself and nails a good gummy candy down.

Island Mango (.5%-2%) This is one of the best mangos on the market, hands down. It’s very authentic, fleshy and generally a good mix with any other tropical fruits. I really enjoy this one and have had to reorder several times! I loved it with FA almond, FA Ace, FA Oba Oba, WF vanilla cream extra and many other items. An excellent addition to any arsenal.

Lemon Squares (.5%-2.5%) 2.5% might be a bit high here for some. The lemon is delicious, tart, similar to a lemonhead with that rich lemonsquare custard/cream thing going on.  It’s slightly thick and rich, Definitely a good stand alone and all day vape if you are a Lemonhead like me!

Snake Fruit (.25%-1%) an interesting addition to just about any fruit I’ve put this in. It’s slightly sweet, slightly sour, really juicy. Can really change the texture and taste of a berry, or a banana vape. Definitely not something I would vape all by itself, but I may use it more when I need a bit more juiciness and am not wanting the aloe taste that many get from the Inawera Cactus.

Pineapple Candy (.5%-2.25%) I’m not a huge pineapple fan, but I can see this working pretty well. This reminds me of those dried pineapple chunks. I could see some coconut going with this or possibly even another pineapple to layer it up.

Puff Cereal (cocoa) (1.5%-2.5%) Literally going cuckoo for cocoa puffs! IT IS the chocolate, cut your gums apart cereal, without all the pain.

For recipes I’m just going to go down the list and use them all in some form or another. I will provide links to the other flavors used and will attempt to keep it simple! So without further ado:


Wizard Bubble:

WF Bubba Gum 1.5%

Inawera Shisha Vanilla 1%

This is where it get’s fun. You can do all different kinds of things here like:

Add some Flavor Art Forest Fruit at 2-3%

Or some Capella Strawberry Sweet at around 3%

Or some Flavor Art Watermelon (Red Summer) 3.5-5%

Get creative with this one. It has a lot of possibilities.


Cookie and Candy:

WF Marshmallow Candy: .5%

Capella Sugar Cookie 3.5%

Flavor Art Biscotto .5%

FLV Beer Nuts .08% (yes it’s really strong you really only need one drop per 30mls but it adds a nice note to the cookie)

Let this age about 2 weeks and try it, if you feel it needs more creaminess, up your WF Marshmallow Candy to 1%. I personally think it’s great around the .5% mark, but I’m also using slightly restricted airflow on most of my gear.


Blueberry Pastry Fun!:

WF Blueberry Jam 1.5%

Flavor West Blueberry 3%

Flavor Art Apple Pie 1.3%

Flavor Art NY Cheesecake 1.5

Flavorah Cream .5%


Rum and Coke:

WF Rum and Cola 2.5%

Flavor Art Cola .5

Capella Fizz Pop .5% (start here on this, but know that it can overtake flavors too high)

Flavor Art Vanilla Bourbon .5%


Strawberry Gummy Candy:

WF Strawberry Gummy Candy: 2%-2.3%

Just like that.




Island Paradise:

WF Island Mango 2%

Flavor Art Asso! (Ace) 1.5%

Flavor Art Coconut .8%

Wonder Flavors Vanilla Cream Extra .8%

Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice Cream 2.5%


Lemon Bars:

WF Lemon Squares 1.5%-2.5%

That’s it. Keep it simple. You vape it and see what you would add. I liked it just like it was.


Snake Juice:

WF Snake Fruit .6%

Flavor West Blueberry 3.5% (or 4% TFA Wild Blueberry and 2% TFA Blueberry Extra)

Inawera Black Currant .3%

Inawera Raspberry Malina .5%

Be creative here and add your vanilla of choice around 1%

(the snake fruit will make it juicy and give it an interesting taste!)


Getting Caught in the Rain:

WF Pineapple Candy 2%

Inawera Pineapple (ananas) 1.5%

Flavor Art Coconut 1%

Flavor Art Vanilla Tahity 1% (can bump higher if you want a heavier vanilla)


Puff Cereal (cocoa):

WF Puff Cereal 2.5%

Flavor Art Meringue 1%

Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice cream 1%

The Flavor Apprentice Sweet Cream 1%



Have fun! Enjoy the vaping experience. Enjoy learning from looking at others recipes. You will come up with some spectacular recipes of your own! Don’t be afraid to “color outside the lines”.


Here’s to your health!




BONUS FLAVOR: I’m not even sure how I overlooked this but do yourself a favor and try the Wonder Flavors Passionfruit. It is AMAZING! It smells great, it tastes great. Very authentic with an almost citrus note as well! Try it at 1.5% each with some Island Mango! Add your favorite vanilla! Maybe even some Flavor West Blood Orange! Be creative! If you are a tropical lover, this is definitely YOUR bag!