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Ok we have been over the flavor range and there is a general idea of what you should use your flavor at.

This is usually for more modern hardware like RDAs, sub-ohm tanks, and pretty much anything below .9

ohms on your coil. The flavor on some can be remarkable and use very little flavoring. Many times a

juice will taste great on your RDA and not so great on your tank. Other times it will be the other way

around and muted on your RDA but spectacular in your tank.


So the first thing I want to look at are these two scenarios. Many RDAs that have a great flavor are

smaller and have a slightly restricted airflow. Single coil RDAs are usually where the best flavor is at and

there is a massive variety of them on the market. I’ve had dual coil RDAs that also tasted great. (Pandora

V2) as well as some dual coil tanks (aromamizer) that had spectacular flavor. There’s one thing however

that all of these devices had in common. They had a smaller chamber.


Too much airflow can cause a lack in flavor on some devices. If this happens, you may need to bump

your flavors to the higher end of the “flavor range”. Before we do this however, I want to attempt two

different things. First, close off your airflow ¼ or less of the way. Even on my single coil RDTA and RDAs

(The Flav Tank 24mm and Entheon), I close the airflow just a tiny bit. I’ve noticed this helps a LOT in

creating a richer flavor for your vaping. If this doesn’t help and you know the recipe is good and solid,

then perhaps changing the pg/vg ratio of your recipe may help. Most fruits I like at 30/70, most bakeries

around 35/65, and most custards around 20/80. These are just general points to start at, but know I’ve

made a good recipe great; simply by changing the ratio.


If this doesn’t work, bump your total flavor percentage by a very small amount, and try again. I can’t tell

you the exact amount, but I definitely wouldn’t get too crazy with it and start at 10% more total,

especially if one of my flavors is already at the top end of the range. Each recipe is going to be a bit

different and between these three options, you can usually adjust a recipe for your more modern


What if I vape pods?

I’m glad you asked! Pods are going to be an entirely different ballgame when it comes to mixing and

adding flavors. Your range actually changes due to the extremely restricted airflow of these styles of

devices. First of all, ATTEMPT to keep your recipes simple. There are not a lot of layers and finer notes

that will come through in major pod devices. There’s a reason many of the pod flavors you see on the

market are simply “mango”, or “strawberry watermelon”. Keeping it simple usually equals better flavor

in a pod system.

Creams: You actually want less of your creams. Heavy creams/coconut can actually take over in a pod.

So, if you are adjusting a recipe for your pod you will definitely want to bring those creams down.

Layering can still be done the same, just remember to do it lightly.

Fruits: Usually I have to go much higher with a fruit. A good example is Flavor Art Forest Fruit at 3% on a

normal RDA is VERY powerful and strong, but when I put it in my pod system (Zero), I’m upwards of 5%

and even as high as 6% with the creams. The mixing is very similar to the way it was when vaping first

came along and the cartomizers were on the market with very restricted airflow. Blueberry is another

that I have to put in pretty high in order to make it come through with some pop. My recipes usually

include a touch of black currants to help those pop.

Bakeries: don’t usually do too well with the pod system. With this as with my creams, I’d keep it low and

keep it simple unless you’re trying to achieve one single flavor like mixing Flavor Art Biscotto/cookie

with some Inawera biscuit. These would combine to make one solid flavor. Throw in a touch of cream

and delicious.

Vanilla: this is another I usually bring a bit down. I don’t have to mess with the vanillas as much as the

creams or fruits, but they can take over if you put too much of certain brands. Be cautious and go easy, I

trim 1/3 rd of my vanilla off and try that.

Tobaccos: I’ve had to go much higher with my tobaccos in pod systems with GREAT results. Stixx MIxx

and Flavor Art tobaccos are at the top of my list and mix quite well for people wanting to quit smoking.

Mix them just like the fruits; high. Try to keep it simple and don’t be afraid to layer these.

I think that about covers it. Remember to mix for YOUR hardware. Experimentation is key; and take

notes of what you do so you can reference it all later.

Enjoy the Fall!