Flavor Layering!

Posted by Jacob Harris 11/10/2019 0 Comment(s)

A lot of times, especially when starting out, a juice will be what I like to call one dimensional. I have found most commercial juices to taste this way due to the lack of flavors and the excessive use of sweeteners. Many of these commercial liquids have simply one flavor, one cream and a LOT of sweetener. While this can taste good, it is a usually a coil killer. This stems usually from either a lack of balance which we covered in a previous blog or just lack of flavoring.... and I don't mean it in the “add more of the same flavoring sense”. On the other hand, in the DIY world, we have all seen time and again recipes that call for 2 strawberries, a few creams, more than one chocolate, 2-3 different kinds of cake or cookie…you get the idea. These are designed this way to create the small nuances that you get on each and every draw, which is achieved by layering.

A good example for discussion purposes is a strawberry cookie recipe. We are going to keep it simple and go through what I would do for a strawberry cookie. First, we try the strawberry. I always try to use at least 2 berries to help it all work out. In this example I would use one strawberry that has a fleshy texture (such as ripe), to provide the BODY. Then I would add a really bright strawberry (such as Inawera Shisha Strawberry or Cap Sweet Strawberry to provide the POP and to keep the body around.) For the cookie, I also enjoy a combination to provide layer and depth. There are two that I enjoy a combination of in a variety of different percentages. Cap Sugar Cookie and FA Cookie(biscotto) are a great combination. I'll let you pick the percentages that work best for you, but if it were me, it would look something like this:

TFA Strawberry Ripe 4%

INW Shisha Strawberry 1.8%

Capella Sugar Cookie 1%

FA Biscotto 2%

Sometimes I like a cream. Vienna or Marshmallow to help tie it all together. OMG that’s delicious.

Layering is very key in really providing a deep flavor and as I mentioned, the small nuances. Some other examples would be blueberry with a little black currant or forest fruit. Mango and papaya, coconut and cream, yellow cake and zeppola, biscuit and cookie. You are only limited by what your mind can put together. It's really nice to make some fruits really shine by layering other fruits behind it. Layer, layer, layer. Have fun. Remember the individual flavor testing we detailed previously? This will tell you what everything goes with.

Have fun! Keep it simple! Happy Layering!