How to make flavor notes

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HOW TO MAKE FLAVOR NOTES (Document your experience for future reference)

Well, if you’ve been following along you now know how to make individual flavors and have learned about the differences from one flavor to another like why some are strong and dominate and others do not. You also learned that unlike other flavors out there these are concentrates, to truly understand their individual personalities, you must try them all by themselves.

But then what?

To document your testing (e.g., testing parameters, results, likes, dislikes etc.) I’d recommend taking some notes. First, what percentage did you start at? What devices did you test it on? Write all that down at the top of your notes page. Looks something like this: 

FlavourArt Oba Oba

1-3% Used. Tested on Narda and Derringer with 12 wrap 2mmid, 316L SS.

Personally, I like to keep everything together, so I’ll put what the flavor at each percentage tested tasted like:

“1% Too mild, only taste the vanilla.

2% Mild add to fruits, yogurts, creams, etc. Lightly creamy, a good back note for many fruits.

3% Use anywhere you need a candy shell.”


Based on these you should easily be able to come up with a description. Your description will be based on what you taste. Nothing more, nothing less:


“It's the perfect candy shell. This coating melts in your vape, not in your hands. Just to be clear, it's not the complete candy, there's no chocolate, peanut butter, etc interior. It's simply that outer shell in taste and perhaps even just a little texture going on around the 3%+ range. It pretty much encompasses the Easter egg candies, peanut butter pieces candy, chocolate candies, etc. Think that outer shell. Slightly vanilla-ish, slightly waxy in a good way. “ 



As you are testing each version of your flavor, take notes on what you think it will go with:


“Mixes with:   

Odd stuff: ANYTHING CANDYISH. Toffee, torrone, sweet tart, gummy candy, Swedish fish, peanut butter, nuts, nut mixes, fruit stripe, the list is endless, add it to just about anything and see where it goes?

Vanillas: ANY vanillas, custards, Tahitian vanilla cream etc. Light subtle vanillas would be great. You probably don't want a heavy dark vanilla…so keep it light.  


Fruits: cherries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches. I'd probably avoid most citrus and tart fruits. Anything berry, coconut or mango and I could easily see doing those little chocolate fruit candies with a complete variety of combinations. OMG my mouth is watering!


Creams: Any light creams all the way into the bavarian range. 3%+ and a long steep for the darker and heavier creams that will likely need to remain strong in order to fill the centers of our candies. Yogurt, vienna, marshmallow. I actually threw this into a custard mix (FA Custard) that was absolutely amazing. (See Joe’s Corner).

Chocolates: MILK style for sure, Oh and don’t forget Fudge brownie. Any chocolate you want to coat in candy. Go VERY LIGHT on your chocolates as they do age in very strong.”  


Here’s another example of a GREAT flavor:


FlavourArt Fuji (apple)  



Tested on derringer, Narda, m-atty, hobo drifter, aromamizer.  

A variety of 316LSS 2mm-3mm 10-12 wrap single and dual. 


What percentages did you use?


.08%-.99% Play here with drinks (appletini), accent notes, light bakeries (think fritter) 

1% a nice very noticeable apple note. 

2% much stronger, use here for most mixes for the front note.  

3% the smackdown of apples. If I had to mix one, here it is. Warning…this may be a bit heavy for some people




It's the center of a fuji apple. I'm eating an apple at the same time. The flesh of the outside of the fuji apple is sweet like red and the center is tart like green. Fuji apples are right in the middle of the apple taste spectrum. They have a taste of red (light Macintosh Red) as well as a bit of the tart note from the granny smith. They seem to be a perfect blend. This will allow you to use the fuji as a base and build from there. You want tart? Add a bit of tart or some granny smith and voila. On the end of the spectrum use sweetener or a red apple and it will go that way.  


Mixes with: 


Anything you need a good strong apple for.  


Oddball: sweetener (try to go for more natural sweeteners as sucralose can muddle things up compared to the real apple), brown sugar, cactus, liquid amber, joy


Bakeries: Cakes, pies, fritters, cookies, turnovers, funnel cake, zeppola etc.


Creams: vienna, meringue, fresh cream, sweet cream, cream, bavarian, VANILLA CUSTARD, Oba Oba. I can’t think of a single cream that in some way wouldn’t help it a bit. Remember to always go light on your creams!


Fruits: I always say "think juice" as in what you get at the store. The majority of juices out on the market contain apple juice in some way. APPLE MIXES WITH PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING when it comes to fruits. Mix with a Red apple for a really rounded yummy. Use your head and be creative.  Watermelons, peaches, even black currants, I’ve used it in just about everything.


Tobaccos: I love fuji with my favorite naturally extracted tobaccos. I haven't tried it with other brands at this time, but it's taken every tobacco I've thrown at it with a smile. Light-Dark shags, pipe tobaccos, cigars, fillers, it's all been great.  


Out of all the apples I've had, if I had to pick one to standalone, it would definitely be this one.  


Here’s a recipe I created based on these 2 flavors and notes:


“Apple Delicious”


FA FUJI 2.5%




A nice earthy delicious creamy apple tea. Steep 1 month for greatness!

Mix at 30%PG/70%VG