One Shots and their uses

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One Shots and their uses.

I see a lot of people talk about One Shots and how they are great for people starting out. But it seems that’s usually as far as it goes. I hardly ever hear about any more experimenting or taking them to the next level. Remember, even though a one shot is a combination of flavorings, in the end it is ONE flavor.

So let’s look at some uses. Obviously, if you were to simply use the One Shot for its intended purpose, you would mix at its recommended percent and be satisfied. This is the most generic and basic use for a One Shot and MOST people stop there.

I want to go further. Let’s look at it from a new person’s standpoint. All I’ve bought is One Shots, but I want to learn about mixing right? Why not mix my one shots as single flavors? I mean it is technically a single flavor right? Obviously, you know what they taste like because you’ve tried them on their own before; but why not put some together to create something completely different?

Let’s look at a few recipes to explain what I’m talking about.

Flavor Art Asso! A nice blend of mangos and other tropical flavors recommended to be mixed at 5% as a standalone. Asso! is a strong flavor, so I could easily see it mixing with another one shot that may be really creamy?  What about some Pie? How about Key Lime Pie Flavor by TFW? It’s some pie right? But it calls for 19% so I’d probably do something simple like 3.5% FA Asso! and around 10-12% TFW KLP. Mix it up in a 20%PG/80%VG mix and let it age for a few weeks.

If you are like me and bought a bunch of flavors to start. Then you very well may have some TFA Banana Cream. Also a nice addition to Asso! I’d mix around 20/80 again and go for 4% Asso! Along with 3% Banana Cream and you have a super creamy tropical paradise with a touch of banana that will knock your socks off.


Let’s look at a couple other one shots that can be added to or deliciously altered in some form or another.

Bloom By Ckemist is a fantastic blend of blossoms and melons. I bring this one up because not only is it great by itself at the recommended 8%, but it’s also a great one to mix with something else. I like so many things with it, but I’ll try to keep it simple. Bloom is AMAZING with TFA Apricot  at 2% added right in. You could also add some SugarDaddy Regular Sweetener at just a drop or two per 10mls of finished liquid and it would be quite delicious. You could always add a little melon of your choice to boost whichever you prefer. I feel Bloom has a more cantaloupe taste, but I could easily see adding some Honey Dew Melon or even some extra watermelon.  Oh man my mouth is watering just writing this.

Fried Ice Cream is a terrific place to start for a great base to use for any number of recipes. Personally I like adding all different kinds of fruit. A great addition is about 8% of some Doug’s Awesome Sauce and you get these fried little creamy fruit balls that are simply amazing. Try adding anything you might have... from blueberries and black currants, to a variety of strawberries, peaches, coconut, and just about anything you can possibly think of to go in it.

As you can see, you aren’t limited to use One Shots by themselves they are great to use as a starting flavor or building block and work your way up from there. So the next time you are about to grab a One Shot, think to yourself “what will this go with?” as you would with any other flavor and proceed from there. If you want, make some notes on each one shot, look up your starting point, and have fun adding it to something else.

Get a little adventurous, let your hair down and try something new.

Enjoy your new creation!