Wholesale USP Nicotine Solutions

Wholesale USP Nicotine Solutions

Product Name: Organic Nicotine Solution
Chemical Formula: C10H14N2
CAS#: 54-11-5
Color:  Clear to Pale Yellow
Chemical Name: Nicotine
Synonyms:  (-)-Nicotine; L-Nicotine; S-(-)Nicotine; (S)-Nicotine; (-)-3-(Methyl-2-pyrrolidyl)pyridine;(S)-3-(1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinyl)pyridine; 1-Methyl-2-(3pyridyl)pyrrolidine; 3-(NMethylpyrrolidino)pyridine; beta-Pyridyl-alpha-Nmethylpyrrolidine

USP grade Organic Nicotine extract minimum >99.8% diluted in a carrier base of Propylene Glycol and/or vegetable derived Glycerin for research and product applications. The nicotine base used exclusively in Wizard Labs line of solutions undergoes extraction 5-6 times per year in partnership with one of the providing labs to Johnson & Johnson's global line of NRT products for the assurance of chemical purity, quality control, and reliability. Ingredients: Pure USP grade organic nicotine extract, USP grade Kosher certified Propylene Glycol and/or USP grade Kosher certified vegetable Glycerin carrier base fluid. Wizard Labs nicotine solutions contain no other preservatives or chemical additives.

Wizard Labs is committed to providing the highest quality organic nicotine extract solutions for independant research and product applications. All of our concentrated Nicotine solutions are intended for use by trained and qualified personnel only.

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