Masking Flavor (OS) by TFW (16oz)

Product Name: Masking Flavor (OS) by TFW (16oz)


Masking Flavor produced from ingredients approved in the food industry for beverages and products for human consumption. Please read the entire description of the product before purchase to determine if it is suitable for your intended use. Due to subjective tastes, aromas and expected results, our recommendation is to test any product new to you at a low percentage in your recipe and adjust as necessary for your intended use.

Masking Flavor – Food Grade (Contains Natural Flavoring, Glycerin & Ethanol)

Odor: Odor: None to mild fresh clean

Appearance: Clear liquid

Usage: Used to mask, block & neutralize bitterness, astringency, acidity, chemical, metallic aftertastes or general flavor off-notes. Creates an absence of taste. Can be used alone or in combination with a bitter blocking agent such as Bitter Blocker Flavor by TFW. Best results when used in combination with Bitter Blocker Flavor.

As with all food grade products, individual tastes and aromas are subjective and will vary from one person to another. Because of the nature of individual tastes and preferences, Wizard Labs cannot offer refunds based on individual likes or dislikes of a particular product, and all sales are final. We highly suggest, trying the smallest available size of any new flavoring before committing to a larger purchase.

For Best Storage Conditions: Store in a tightly closed container, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Ingredients Nat. Flavor, Ethyl Alc., VG

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Masking Flavor (OS) by TFW (16oz)

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